Update Book

Update Book on Covid and Critical Care

Tentative Concept and Content

Section 1: SARS-CoV-2
  • Virology
  • Variants
Section 2: Epidemiology
  • Pandemic
  • Transmission
Section 3: Pathophysiology
  • Pathogenesis
  • Types of Lung involvement
  • Effects on other Organ systems - Covid19 "a systemic disease"
  • Factors related to Severity of COVID-19
Section 4: Diagnosis
  • Diagnostic challenges with conventional methods
  • Novel diagnostic approaches
  • Imaging in Covid 19
  • Investigation and follow up tools for treatment modification and prognostication
Section 5: Organization for pandemic
  • Structure, process modifications for preparedness
  • Protection of the Health care workers
  • Risk Planning and Resource management
Section 6: Management
  • Risk and severity assessmentof individual cases
  • Current position of -
    • Antiviral therapy
    • Immune modulation
    • Adjuvant therapies
  • Respiratory support in Covid19
    • Methods of oxygen therapy and targets
    • Non Invasive ventilation (NIV/HFNC)
    • Invasive Mechanical Ventilation
  • Strategies to improve oxygenation
    • Proning
    • Refractory hypoxemia
    • Role of ECMO
  • Venous thromboembolism - Risk assessment, prevention and treatment
  • Appropriate timing of therapy
    • Medications
    • Interventions
  • Essentials of DON'TS in COVID-19
Section 7: Extra respiratory involvement of COVID19
  • Neurological involvement
  • Cardiovascular involvement
  • Renal involvement
  • Hematologic involvement
  • Gastro-intestinal and Hepatic involvement
Section 8: Critical Care Pearls
  • Role of Standard Critical Care Practices
  • Infection control
  • Current concepts of Antimicrobial therapy
  • Antimicrobial stewardship during COVID-19
  • Air leak during COVID-19
  • Communication and End-of-life care.
  • Visiting Policy
Section 9: Long or Post COVID-19 Syndrome
  • New or Ongoing symptoms or disease
  • Multi Organ sequeale of COVID-19
  • Debilitating opportunistic infections
    • Mucormycosis
    • Aspergilosis
  • Viral relapse or reinfection / Inflammatory rebound
  • Effects of prolonged hospitalization
  • Psychological and Economic burden
Section 10: COVID-19 in special situations
  • Management of Covid19 in pregnant women
  • COVID-19 in Neonates and Infants
  • Management of a covid19 patient requiring surgery or urgent invasive interventions
  • Management of COVID-19 in immunocompromised
Section 11: Home care and Rehabilitation
  • Home oxygen therapy
  • Physical and Mental rehabilitation
Section 12: Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination
  • Current Vaccines and their efficacy
  • Side effects
  • Breakthrough infections: diagnosis and management
Section 13: COVID-19 timeline -

From Wuhan to the present (Should come in the starting)

Section 15: Future challenges
  • Ongoing research on therapeutics for COVID-19
  • New Normal in Intensive Care Unit
Section 16:

Summary of andmark Clinical trials related to COVID-19

Section 17:

Some thought provoking cases that we encountered (can be added to Critical Care pearls)

Section 18:

What have we learnt and are still learning from this Pandemic?